Internet Policy Patent Reform

State of the Net West 2008


In August The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee in collaboration with the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara School of Law hosted the 2nd Annual State of the Net West Conference

From Net Neutrality to Internet for Everyone


The concept of Network Neutrality is being extended into a new movement to better America's broadband.

Big Telcos Try to Avoid Being Dumb


The telco giants can't stop giving Net Neutrality proponents ammunition

DRM Not Dying, Just Resting


Think DRM is dead? Think again. Or read what the RIAA thinks and continue to think what you already thought.

Not Enough Nexuses for Daubert.


In Rambus v. Hynix, 5:05CV334 (N.D. Cal. Dec. 29, 2008), at docket entry #2997, Judge Whyte largely rejected proffered expert testimony on the “secondary considerations” that indicate nonobviousness. A showing of these indicia of nonobviousness has grown in importance since the Supreme Court lowered the pedal against obvious combination patents, in KSR v. Teleflex. [...]

Attorney, Newly Merged In, and Entire Firm Disqualified in DRAM suit.


After some 350 docket entries, a firm that was representing certain opt-out plaintiffs in the DRAM antitrust case was disqualified in Unisys Corp. v. Hynix Semiconductor, Inc., 3:06-CV-2915 (N.D. Cal. 12/18/2008). The D.C. firm had merged in a California firm in Oct. 2008, which brought in as a partner an attorney who had represented an ...

Last Season's Patented Gift Suggestions.


It is remarkable how many patents get issued, either (i) just before the calendar year closes or (ii) within 90 days before the application is pending 36 months. Due to postulate (i), many patents (over 3500 last year) actually have an issue date of December 25th. At this time of giving and remembering, recall a [...]

Alleged Infringing Gift Can Say "You're Not Fat."


The prior post about magnetic toy blocks might not have suggested a preferred embodiment for a gift to/from a patent attorney.  Consider then, the alleged infringing “Bodyfat Analyzer and Scale” products in the recent suit, Tanita Corp. v. Homedics-USA, Inc., 1:08-CV-7145 (N.D. Il., filed 12/12/08).  Perhaps this gift idea is not new, since some patents acknowledge it long was [...]

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